Your organization’s website is a lot like your home’s front door. It needs to greet your guests and usher them into your house—which means your website is deserving of your attention if you want it to keep visitors intrigued and drive conversions. This requires careful planning and continued nurturing.

Is your website rolling out the proverbial welcome mat?

Before you start to build your website, you should curate a proposition for executing ongoing upkeep. Your website needs a detailed maintenance plan to ensure all content is current and relevant and all aspects of your website are fully functioning for your present and prospective clients. 

How do you go about creating a website maintenance plan that accounts for everything you need to cover? In our latest eBook, we outline all the elements that should factor into the construction of your website, as well as the plan to ensure it stays up-to-date. 

In this eBook, we discuss the steps to take for:

  • Creating a website governance plan
  • Compiling your website maintenance steering committee
  • Determining core roles and responsibilities within your organization for each task
  • Using templates and offering gated content
  • Essential tips for success
  • Getting started

Like a welcoming front door with a new wreath or doormat to match the requirements of each season, your website should change and evolve to match the current demands of your organization as well as the needs of your visitors. We’ll walk you through the process of making it happen. Discover more by downloading our latest eBook, “Think about Website Maintenance: Before You Start Building Your Site.”

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